Saturday, February 13, 2010

MONKEYS have taken over this post!!!!

This is this weeks installment of "These Are A Few of My Favorite Things". So I was on and thought I would check out the Shop Local to see who was doing what in my area. I put in the small town I live in, which is kind of a suburb of Oklahoma City. Well to my pleasant surprise what popped up but I Love Sock Monkeys! Not only is this etsy shop adorable, this lady has a sock monkey collection and one of her monkeys has it's own blog. Existential Sock Monkey this blog is so awesome and would be great for kids to follow! It is the life of this sock monkey Noah and his friends. He just had his birthday and the party pictures of Noah and all his friends are great. I can't wait to get back to looking at more of this blog which is "One Monkey's quest to find meaning in the Yarniverse". Here is a picture of Noah and friends at the party.

On a side note, this I Love Sock Monkeys lady most likely thinks I'm nuts cause I just sent her this giant email, cause not only is she crafty and lives in my town she goes to BTT. For those of you not in the "know" or not living around here BTT is Big Truck Tacos! I think I will dedicate an entire blog post to them, soon,,,, but back to Monkeys!

So what else out there sock monkey is there, let us see what I see here. Er What? LOL so apparently Er Kommet! means he is coming LOL Look out sock monkeys are coming to take over the world!

Here is a Miniature Sock Monkey making pattern and tutorial. I don't do needle work so to me this looks crazy hard.

It would just be wrong of me to not list a fellow Oklahoman I know that makes sock monkeys. Fried Okra aka Adrian. She makes some of the cutest sock monkeys ever!

Do your keys look boring and just well key like? Never fear, you can sock monkey them up with these key caps!

Maybe you need some sock monkey art, like these sock monkeys playing poker?

Or for us drinking aged people why not Wine Monkey

Pass that Wine Monkey over here, this post is done.

Drunk monkey


Anonymous said...

Great stuffed-stuff! I adore the pink argyle sock monkey. Thanks for sharing...

ConstanceB. said...

ARGH!!! Monkeys!!!