Sunday, June 28, 2009

From Tee to Tank

I found a tank at a garage sale that I liked the style but didn't like the material. I really just got it to use as a pattern to make tanks. I took a Cookie Monster t shirt I got at the thrift store and with some cutting and sewing came up with this tied top tank.

I really like how it came out. I think it ended up to be a medium when I was done. The one down side was, it wasn't until I was cutting it out that I realized it does have a stain at the bottom back, that looks like Cherry Slupie to me. So I will be selling this one at a DEEP discount of only $5 plus shipping. If your interested just contact me and let me know.
I look forward to making more of these tie top tanks soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sergers are Messy

Sergers are messy, but not if you have my new item The Catcher - Serger Style.
The Catcher is great for catching all those threads and little pieces of fabric that well happen when you use a serger. These are made of 50% recycled plastic, which means thread won't stick to the inside when you go to empty The Catcher. Ribbon is attached so you can adjust The Catcher to your serger. Right now I haven't taken pic's that are good enough to put in my Etsy or Funky Finds store, but if you'd like one you can always just contact me directly. The Catcher - Serger Style is $14 plus shipping.
Why do I say Serger Style, because next week I will be putting out The Catcher - Scrap Crop. Perfect to put on the table while you are scrapbooking.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yard Sale find

I wanted to share this yard sale find I picked up on Friday. When I picked up this little shelf the dowel was missing. But I knew right away even though it was off white plain and boring I could make something wonderful out of it.
I started off by painting it black. I thought I would put this little shelf in my studio for some much needed storage and to hang a roll of paper towels on. After painting it black I was off to Hobby Lobby to figure out what scrapbooking paper I wanted to add to it. My studio is decorated in black and pink. After may trips back and forth from the scrapbook section to the fabric section and back I found two shades of pink and a beautiful black and white pattern paper. I printed the words "Craft From Your Heart" on one of the pink papers. So after much cutting and glueing and then glittering I was done. I hung it on the wall in my studio and put a roll of paper towels on the rod. Wouldn't you know it, this thing I guess wasn't meant for paper towels!!!! The roll won't, well roll.

So now that it is all cute and wonderful, it doesn't serve the purpose I purchased it for. However it will be great for storing ribbon on, once I get a thinner dowel. Since I already have ribbon storage dowels, I'm glad that a creative friends birthday is coming up. I know she will enjoy hanging ribbons on her wall of her studio.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Claudia's Burning Ink joins the Funky

Today I set up my vitual shop on Funky Finds. I have been meaning to for sometime now. Funky Finds is an online handmade store front based out of Dallas, TX. I have meet the owners Jessica and Joesphy a couple of times when I've been down in Texas for shows. They are seriously great people. So now I will peddle my wares (vitually) at

and Claudia's Burning Ink Funky Products

Lots of the time when I serge I think of a Secret....

A Secret Lentil that is. Helen is the creative magician behind Secret Lentil.

I first started talking to Helen on about a year ago, after stumbling on the most amazingly creative clothes I had ever seen.

I love to check out what new creative things have crawled out of Helen's head on , and on the flickr group Helen host

I even took the running leap off what some see as the deep end and started deconstructing and reconstructing clothes for myself, and a few friends.

Its amazing what a little leap of faith will do. Especially when you can just reach in your closet, reach out at a yard sale or thrift store and create something that is totally one of a kind and splendid. I praise Helen for giving me the courage to take on sewing and the strength to tell you all that you have to check her shop out and buy your own secret, Secret Lentil creation that is.