Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ok I usually don't talk about Project Runway

Usually I don't post about Project Runway, but yes I watch it. Season 8 has really been full of people that are more cut throat than the previous seasons. I also really haven't agreed with who has been sent home.
Episode One: McKell Maddox was sent home. WHAT. The dress she created looks like something I would see at Macys.

I mean McKell had a men's button up shirt to work with, I think it's amazing.
Who do I think should of got the "your out" episode One?
Jason Troisi. He took a kimono, turned it backwards, fitted it a little and still had to send it down the runway with staples in it.

So Gretchen Jones won with this outfit, keep in mind the only thing she used from the original garment they had two use were the two small squares on the shoulders.

Episode Two: Let's start off with all things come to those who wait. Jason Troisi was sent home for his Infinity 8 dress that was again, not completed, so it was closed with safety pins. But on a sad note, yes I teared all up, Nicholas D'Aurizio was sent home. Yes he put to many elements together, but he at least he can sew and finish something to send down the runway. I really wish he had had a chance to just tone it down and focus. I really think he would of done well.
And Gretchen Jones won again, but I don't like it. Totally reminds me of what a guy that changes my oil in my car wears, tailored for a woman. Hmmm trend at the end of Episode Two, I don't agree with the judges.
Episode Three, I dont't agree with the judges still. The contestants were sent to a party supply store for materials. Sarah Trost did not deserve to go home! Casinova has been in the bottom again and again, based on his taste level.
Andy South won, his dress took some major work, thought and talent.
I might add pic's of the outfits not pictured later.
So in the years of watching Project Runway some of my fav contestants have won.

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