Friday, August 28, 2009

So many shows such little time

I've been trying to sew and work on products as much as possible here lately. I've been sick off and on again which has slowed me down some. But I'm still movin' along.

I know I will be participating in Strange Folk Festival in O'Fallon, IL the last weekend of September.

I still am going to try to do The Plaza District Festival on October 3rd.

I've applied for Indie Emporium in Tulsa for October 9-10.

I've also applied for The Girlie Show on November 6-7.

Needless to say I need to get busy. I've been working a lot on these Market Totes, they are fully lined and really sturdy. What do you think?

Monday, August 10, 2009

More CA

This one is kind of random stuff I've been doing while I've been in CA.

My mom has a basket weaving class she goes to every Thursday at the Kern County Museum. So of course when I'm here I get dragged along. Cool thing is this group has expanded and they don't just do pine needle basket weaving. There is gourd art, beading, and other well basket weaving. I took my mom's wood burner and worked on some new pendants for Claudia's Burning Ink.

Here is one of the ladies at the class working on a horse hair basket.

Also here are some images from the Central Coast, including my families fav Mexican place to eat on the coast in Nipomo, CA.

My trip to CA is nearly over. I have to say I look forward to getting home, to my husband, my dog, my cat, my studio and my own bed. But all in all this trip has been really fun and I did manage to even create while I was here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going Coastal

So last weekend I was able to head over to the CA central coast and spend three days in the sand. But don't think that doesn't mean I didn't get my craft on. I made sure to schedule the little beach trip around two craft shows. The first was in Morro Bay. I have to say I really was just going to slam this one for having all the NOT handmade stuff from L.A. Like this booth,,,

However I ended up coming across two booths that just made my heart smile. First off was this guy that made bird houses, yea I know, seriously Claudia bird houses. Well these were note worthy because they are like any I've ever seen. He has this technique of making the roofs very whimsical see....

Then found this group of ladies that make all kinds of handmade dolls and friends. I really admire that they take the time to put in such little details into there work. I purchased this lovely spelf, half sprite, half elf friend from Chimera Threads

Chimera Threads isn't online selling yet but I shared tons of info with her about Funky Finds, Artfire and Etsy. So maybe she will be online soon.

So all in all the Sunday craft show in Morro Bay wasn't a total bust. Then I was off to the craft show at Dinasour Park in Shell Beach. They do not allow non-handmade items. There were lots of interesting creative people there peddling their wares. And the weather was fantastic!

So all in all my day of hitting up the craft scene on the central coast was great.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Bakersfield, CA is where I was born and raised. Here's what it has to offer when I visit family there.
First off F&M's Fabric Store! This is no regular fabric store, fabric isn't on tiny bolts, its on gigantic rolls. Prices start at a buck a yard! They have everything, knit, cotton, crazy prints you will never see anywhere else, fancy stuff, upholstery, trims, buttons, ribbons, anything sewing related you could ask for. The largest selection of minky for only $10 a yard! I have been there twice on this trip and I have boxes of fabric that I'm going to have to ship home, but so worth it.

Most of the other places I like in Bakersfield have to do with food.
Basque is a mandatory stop on every visit. Woolgrowers is awesome. Basque food is usually served family style, first course is a vegetable soup, beans, salsa and sour dough bread. Second comes salad with a light oil vinegar, picked tongue, and sometimes tomatoes. Then is the meat course always followed with some ice cream! Eat light before you go! What do I get there, Pork Chops with extra garlic, keeps vamps away, and ice cream Spumoni!

Hey Luigi! Luigi's is a monument in Bako, celebrating 100 years in 2010! Italian food, family, friends, fun its awesome. Yep you can get pickled tongue here too, but you can also get some R&R, that's Ribs and Rigatoni! (Friday Only) Luigi's isn't open for dinner its a lunch spot, and if its not 100+ degrees, the patio is a nice place to relax. What do I get, an Arnold Palmer to drink, Giovanna’s Gourmet Salad, and White Pasta-Spaghetti with Butter, Parsley, Garlic & Parmesan Cheese, all is served with an antipasti of a roll, salami, cheese, pepperoncini and marinated carrot.

que paso? I love mexican food and I don't know many people that don't. Los Tacos De Huicho keeps it simple and delicious.

There menu is short and sweet, pick a meat pick an item, burrito, taco, sopa, torta, get some papas or rice and beans to go with it and your set! I hadn't been there in a couple of years and I have to say its just as good, the place is clean, the service is fast and hello they added a bar! What do I get there asada tacos Tripas, also known as Machitos taco, asada sopa and papas.

Still hungry? Bakersfield is lucky to have not one but two of the best made on site ice cream places in the USA! Dewar's Ice Cream is celebrating 100 years this year of serving some of the best ice cream and candy in the world.

It's across from Bakersfield High School so you can imagine all the kids that have made there way over there for some sweets after school. They have a counter with real soda jerks! They also make some great chew candies. A few years back Dewar's was asked to sell at Disney's El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. That's right so even if your not in Bakersfield, you can get your Dewar's fix in Hollywood, CA! What do I get when I go, a Black and White!

A little side story from my childhood, before I was 5 when my parents would take me there, they use to tell me that the building down the street was an orphanage and that they were taking me to get ice cream before they dropped me off to live there. Oh my parents, twisted.

The second amazing made on site Ice Cream place is Rosemary's Family Creamery. Not as old as Dewar's but its tasty too.

I'm surprised they don't seem to have a website? Anyway, what do I get there, creature of habit, a Black and White.

So I guess that is my culinary tour of Bakersfield, CA. What else should you know, if your visiting try not to do it in the summer, it gets over 100 degrees a lot. Bring loose fitting clothes, so you can eat :) Enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Los Angeles Trip Post Two

OK so I got so crazy with posting about Kit Kraft yesterday I didn't go on to post about California Millinery Supply and the L.A. Fashion District.
So my second stop on my creative shopping trip to L.A. was California Millinery Supply where its all about hat making of course. Now I've never made an actual hat before, fairy princess and birthday crowns yes, but a real hat nope. But this place is really inspiring. Its a narrow and long store filled with feathers, hat forms, flowers, ribbons and lots of other hat related goodies. I picked up a elf sort of looking hat frame, a green ostrich feather and some vintage red glass berries. I've been searching online on how to go about covering the hat frame with fabric and creating my one of a kind woodland hat. I hope to have it done by the time I'm at Strange Folk so I can wear it!
Just a few block from the millinery store was the Fashion District, where fabric flows on bolts galore! I didn't take pictures because I was to busy looking at all of the fabulous fabrics and trims. Michael Levine is a popular stop for fabrics in the Fashion District, but the best thing is across the street from the main store is the "Loft" where fabric is sold for $2 a pound! I picked up some great prints to make into market totes. One of my best finds of the day? Target Trim Corp. this places has any trim for anything, lace, tassels, rhinestone, ribbon, buttons, zippers, thread, nylon, glittered, glamours, you need trim this is the place to go and they sell wholesale too!
So after this day filled with creative goodness it was time to get some good food in our tummies. So Aunt Carla and I were off to Westwood for some good stuff at Jerry's Famous Deli. Located right by the UCLA campus Jerry's is always a great place to grab some good eats. I had a Patty Melt cause they make it with rye bread, they way it should be made, with their black and white shake, the glass is lined with chocolate with a vanilla shake pored in the middle, YUM! Aunt Carla went with the pastrami, which I eyed the whole time wondering if I should of got the pastrami? Being in CA you never know who you might run into. I was in the bathroom at Jerry's and the paper towel dispenser didn't work. This lady tried to use it and I pointed out to her it didn't work. I looked in the mirror and realized she was Maura Tierney. When I called my husband on the drive home to tell him about my day and my star sighting, all I could think was, that actress who was in Baby Mama that licked the chocolate, not knowing if it was poop or chocolate, "It's chocolate"
Well what a wonderful day I had in the L.A. area. Thank you so much to Aunt Carla for doing all the driving and taking me everywhere I wanted to go.

Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue, its just not mine. This is just a quick post to say until I figure out and find the patience to make my own layout, I like to change them up sometimes, but never fear its still just me.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to Los Angeles Post One

My husband's Aunt Carla was kind enough to offer to take me to L.A. for the day when she heard me going on and on about wanting to go down there while I'm in CA. So we headed last Wednesday morning. I had only two places for certain on my list of must shop at, Kit Kraft and California Millinery Supply. (Blog on the Fashion District to follow)
First stop when we got down south was Kit Kraft as soon as I walked in I knew I would walk out with less cash in my hand and more creativeness in my heart. Now about half of the place is models, cars, planes, robots, stuff like that but hey never say never to something new. I walked thru the model portion of this cute quaint shop and found my husband a Robbie the Robot model kit and for myself these really neat trees. They are actually paper you put together yourself and can color them or leave them white. I picked up some miniature animals two squirrels and two bunnies and I hope to make a scene with the trees to photograph them, maybe into note cards or who knows. Oh and they sell glitter in BULK! Hello all of you that are glitter crazy!

I also picked up Black Shrink Art cause I hadn't ever seen it in person.

Tomorrow I will blog about the rest of my day in L.A., my other creative shopping adventures and my star sighting, stay tuned.