Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to Los Angeles Post One

My husband's Aunt Carla was kind enough to offer to take me to L.A. for the day when she heard me going on and on about wanting to go down there while I'm in CA. So we headed last Wednesday morning. I had only two places for certain on my list of must shop at, Kit Kraft and California Millinery Supply. (Blog on the Fashion District to follow)
First stop when we got down south was Kit Kraft as soon as I walked in I knew I would walk out with less cash in my hand and more creativeness in my heart. Now about half of the place is models, cars, planes, robots, stuff like that but hey never say never to something new. I walked thru the model portion of this cute quaint shop and found my husband a Robbie the Robot model kit and for myself these really neat trees. They are actually paper you put together yourself and can color them or leave them white. I picked up some miniature animals two squirrels and two bunnies and I hope to make a scene with the trees to photograph them, maybe into note cards or who knows. Oh and they sell glitter in BULK! Hello all of you that are glitter crazy!

I also picked up Black Shrink Art cause I hadn't ever seen it in person.

Tomorrow I will blog about the rest of my day in L.A., my other creative shopping adventures and my star sighting, stay tuned.

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Hyddyr said...

Fun! I looked at your little black chirp today and LOVE IT! Keep having a good time. Sorry about the cell phone:( but I'm looking forward to your next post! Paula