Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going Coastal

So last weekend I was able to head over to the CA central coast and spend three days in the sand. But don't think that doesn't mean I didn't get my craft on. I made sure to schedule the little beach trip around two craft shows. The first was in Morro Bay. I have to say I really was just going to slam this one for having all the NOT handmade stuff from L.A. Like this booth,,,

However I ended up coming across two booths that just made my heart smile. First off was this guy that made bird houses, yea I know, seriously Claudia bird houses. Well these were note worthy because they are like any I've ever seen. He has this technique of making the roofs very whimsical see....

Then found this group of ladies that make all kinds of handmade dolls and friends. I really admire that they take the time to put in such little details into there work. I purchased this lovely spelf, half sprite, half elf friend from Chimera Threads

Chimera Threads isn't online selling yet but I shared tons of info with her about Funky Finds, Artfire and Etsy. So maybe she will be online soon.

So all in all the Sunday craft show in Morro Bay wasn't a total bust. Then I was off to the craft show at Dinasour Park in Shell Beach. They do not allow non-handmade items. There were lots of interesting creative people there peddling their wares. And the weather was fantastic!

So all in all my day of hitting up the craft scene on the central coast was great.

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