Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Los Angeles Trip Post Two

OK so I got so crazy with posting about Kit Kraft yesterday I didn't go on to post about California Millinery Supply and the L.A. Fashion District.
So my second stop on my creative shopping trip to L.A. was California Millinery Supply where its all about hat making of course. Now I've never made an actual hat before, fairy princess and birthday crowns yes, but a real hat nope. But this place is really inspiring. Its a narrow and long store filled with feathers, hat forms, flowers, ribbons and lots of other hat related goodies. I picked up a elf sort of looking hat frame, a green ostrich feather and some vintage red glass berries. I've been searching online on how to go about covering the hat frame with fabric and creating my one of a kind woodland hat. I hope to have it done by the time I'm at Strange Folk so I can wear it!
Just a few block from the millinery store was the Fashion District, where fabric flows on bolts galore! I didn't take pictures because I was to busy looking at all of the fabulous fabrics and trims. Michael Levine is a popular stop for fabrics in the Fashion District, but the best thing is across the street from the main store is the "Loft" where fabric is sold for $2 a pound! I picked up some great prints to make into market totes. One of my best finds of the day? Target Trim Corp. this places has any trim for anything, lace, tassels, rhinestone, ribbon, buttons, zippers, thread, nylon, glittered, glamours, you need trim this is the place to go and they sell wholesale too!
So after this day filled with creative goodness it was time to get some good food in our tummies. So Aunt Carla and I were off to Westwood for some good stuff at Jerry's Famous Deli. Located right by the UCLA campus Jerry's is always a great place to grab some good eats. I had a Patty Melt cause they make it with rye bread, they way it should be made, with their black and white shake, the glass is lined with chocolate with a vanilla shake pored in the middle, YUM! Aunt Carla went with the pastrami, which I eyed the whole time wondering if I should of got the pastrami? Being in CA you never know who you might run into. I was in the bathroom at Jerry's and the paper towel dispenser didn't work. This lady tried to use it and I pointed out to her it didn't work. I looked in the mirror and realized she was Maura Tierney. When I called my husband on the drive home to tell him about my day and my star sighting, all I could think was, that actress who was in Baby Mama that licked the chocolate, not knowing if it was poop or chocolate, "It's chocolate"
Well what a wonderful day I had in the L.A. area. Thank you so much to Aunt Carla for doing all the driving and taking me everywhere I wanted to go.

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