Saturday, June 19, 2010

Really? Really? really?

Let's just say moving to the bible belt has never been something I have been totally ok with. I love Oklahoma and even more I love my artsy creative peeps here. So when the belt of religion tries to strap one of those peeps in and persecute them, HELL no I'm not ok with it. But it's hell of amusing none the less.
What am I talking about? Marilyn Artus. Who happens to be one of the most amazing women I have meet since I landed in "god's country"
Marilyn Artus currently allegedly needs to be saved. Saved from what would be my response. Marilyn currently has an exhibit at a.k.a. Gallery here in OKC, OK. OK still, um Claudia what is the big deal? Well that depends on who you ask. If you go over to this blog it seems that Marilyn needs spiritual saving, as do the owners and operators of a.k.a. Gallery. But if you ask this artist, we all need to be saved from narrow minded, bible thumping, rosary slinging churchies.
So what I get from them is that sure its ok for me to......

eat the Virgin Mary on my toast for breakfast?

Wash away my sins in the shower with Jesus?

Read the articles in the Hispanic Playboy?

Go hangout with my friends to enjoy the Mother load of wings?

But it's not ok for Marilyn or other artist to express their artistic views with these images?

Check out this article and video if you want to know more about Marilyn and the exhibit and what it means to her.
Even though I choose to live in the bible belt of this nation, I also choose to live in a nation that let's me express myself freely. Choose to judge me on my views if you will, but remember, I have the right to my views, just as you do.

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