Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yard Sale find

I wanted to share this yard sale find I picked up on Friday. When I picked up this little shelf the dowel was missing. But I knew right away even though it was off white plain and boring I could make something wonderful out of it.
I started off by painting it black. I thought I would put this little shelf in my studio for some much needed storage and to hang a roll of paper towels on. After painting it black I was off to Hobby Lobby to figure out what scrapbooking paper I wanted to add to it. My studio is decorated in black and pink. After may trips back and forth from the scrapbook section to the fabric section and back I found two shades of pink and a beautiful black and white pattern paper. I printed the words "Craft From Your Heart" on one of the pink papers. So after much cutting and glueing and then glittering I was done. I hung it on the wall in my studio and put a roll of paper towels on the rod. Wouldn't you know it, this thing I guess wasn't meant for paper towels!!!! The roll won't, well roll.

So now that it is all cute and wonderful, it doesn't serve the purpose I purchased it for. However it will be great for storing ribbon on, once I get a thinner dowel. Since I already have ribbon storage dowels, I'm glad that a creative friends birthday is coming up. I know she will enjoy hanging ribbons on her wall of her studio.


Hollyrocks said...

Don't be too bummed about the fact that it won't hold paper towels, because I think the end result is still very impressive. I like it!

Brigid said...

I love that! I think I need to go garage-saleing this weekend.