Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of the time when I serge I think of a Secret....

A Secret Lentil that is. Helen is the creative magician behind Secret Lentil.

I first started talking to Helen on about a year ago, after stumbling on the most amazingly creative clothes I had ever seen.

I love to check out what new creative things have crawled out of Helen's head on , and on the flickr group Helen host

I even took the running leap off what some see as the deep end and started deconstructing and reconstructing clothes for myself, and a few friends.

Its amazing what a little leap of faith will do. Especially when you can just reach in your closet, reach out at a yard sale or thrift store and create something that is totally one of a kind and splendid. I praise Helen for giving me the courage to take on sewing and the strength to tell you all that you have to check her shop out and buy your own secret, Secret Lentil creation that is.

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