Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ok I totally blew off working on anything today to meet a new friend. JDStar. She is really cool. We went to lunch and did some shopping.
Now I know tomorrow will be 26 days to the show and I'm gonna have to kick some butt to get some stuff done, kick my own butt that is.
Ah the joys of procrastination!

I mean 28 days to go. Well 28 days till my first show. Nervous, check. Busy, check. Behind, check.
Last night I was able to pick up little medicine measuring cups to use with mixing resin. So that will be my project this weekend. I'm working on coke bottle caps with one of my logos in it to make them into magnets, did I already write this. Deja Vu.
Ok anyway. I've also decided that once a week I will start doing a feature on a different Etsy artist/crafter. Cause my plate is full, but lets just pill it high! I'm not scared. :)

Its 29 days till I do my first Craft Show. I'm nervous and busy. Sketched out a couple of new frames last night. Cupcakes and swirls.
I'm lucky that I found another person of Etsy, that also lives in Oklahoma that is going to share the booth with me.
I have some major stuff to finish before then. I'm working on magnets with one of my logos on them. Some other crafters are going to hand them out with my card at shows they are doing.
I'm making Etsy Goodie Bags, I have a few people that are going to send me their cards and promo items to put in bags to give out when I do my show.
Yesterday my friend Damon bought me a folding banquet table, on sale at Target.
I'm still debating colors for the table clothes. I need to get or make some sort of apron for pens, cash and what not.
I'm pretty nerous. I will post more as I get more completed. I will post pictures too.

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