Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Survival Wednesday!!

Welcome to the first Survival Wednesday!

I get my Zombie Survival tips from all over, so to say where I heard it, read it, saw it, or lived it could be hard sometimes,,,,, but to continue..............

Survival tip #1 Hair Styles.

So Zombies often still have hands, as well as teeth. All three are things that can grab! So when the undead go to catch you, you're gonna turn and run. This is where your hair style can become your worst enemy. One quick grab of a pony tail and you become Zombie lunch meat. Mullet more your style, hello Snack Pack, as your hair gets pulled and your flesh gets munched on. So when and I mean WHEN the Zombies come, cause we all know it is going to happen you might want to get a hair cut.

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