Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A weekend full of wonderment

Its been a bit, and I mean to blog more. But life just gets in the way to much. Although I suppose death would prevent me from writing too. Oh well. Friday April 24 I was lucky enough to head to downtown OKC for the annual Festival of Arts. Put on by the Arts Council of Oklahoma City this event starts on Tuesday and ends on Sunday. Artist come from all over to show their creativity. Everything from pottery, huge sculptures to paintings and glass. Its a great chance to take in the fresh Spring air and enjoy the creativity people around you. It doesn't hurt that you can get all kinds of food, watch music and other performances too. This year I saw this piece and couldn't help but fall in love with it.

This wonderful imaginative creation is the work of C.J. Bradford. C.J. lives in Flower Mound, TX however he attended OU in Norman, OK. His imagination amazes me. Actually that is what I told him when I met him. "I love your imagination." Where else could these lovely creatures and creations come from. I'm certainly an admirer and hope that I see one of his works on my wall soon. Check out his other works and wonders.

From the OKC down to Ft. Worth for Funky Finds Spring Fling. Not only was I lucky enough to have a booth at this great event. I was lucky enough to see all my Texas creative friends!

I greatfully was able to stay with one of my TX friends, her husband and their dogs! She is the creative mind behind Harrilu!

Then of course I was happy to see one of the cutest Texans I know Tara to the T! Tara never stops surprising me with her adorable hairdos and clothes.

Not only was I lucky enough to have my own booth at Funky Finds Spring Fling, I was in a booth between Tara to the T and Jacky Tart.

Honestly there was one person I couldn't wait to see, cause I couldn't wait to buy from her. Regyna! Cause I couldn't wait to get my hands, literally on these!

Nope those are sweets or well dentures, those are SOAP! Wonderful amazing soap that smell as good as they look! Now I'm not one for buying soap online, but Soapopotamus has my business. I knew Regyna wouldn't steer me wrong when she said how long it takes her to get the scents for her soaps just right. And since I've got these lovelies I can't help but want to bake a cake! Oh yeah the dentures, a birthday gift for my dad. So order some for yourself, your friends or your foes.

So I had a wonderful weekend filled with art, creativity, comradre, travel and lots of well just plan fun. Oh and a cheese boat, be sure you order one where ever you go to dine.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Even Indie is bigger in TEXAS

I'm sure you've heard everything is bigger in TEXAS. Well so is the indie craft movement, revolution, whatever you want to call it.
This Saturday in Ft. Worth 129 vendors will peddle their creative wares at Funky Finds Spring Fling. Not only is this event free to attend, its kid friendly and hello PET friendly! So check it out Saturday 10-6 for lots of fun and some well funky creations.

Monday, April 13, 2009

And Sunday will be prosperous....

Sunday's are just made for fun. Laying around watchin tv, spending time with friends, and hello gettin' my craft on!
I was lucky enough to spend Easter Sunday with one of my fav families the Shidell's. Julie and I spent the whole day, yes the whole day, I think it was 8 hours, cutting, sewing, serging and drooling. Drooling over her new "baby" lock serger and drooling over all the lovelies we made. I owe a lot of the inspiration for "The Baby Green Line" to Julie.

So we took this....

and this... ugh I look horrible......

and turned it into this...

100% Recycled Bibs and Burp Clothes! The only thing not recycled on these adorable creations are the thread to sew them with and the little square of Velcro on the bib. I still need to trim off the threads and make them present perfect.
I can't wait to premier these at Funky Finds Spring Fling in Ft. Worth, TX on April 25th.
Thanks Julie, you are my jewel.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and Welcome Spring

May your Easter be filled with your own funky and well odd creations.

We now welcome Spring, hopefully the Mother Nature will realize it is Spring. A few weeks ago when visiting my friends house for our weekly Art Club creative group. One of the first signs of Spring was there, this pretty daffodil. Of course since then we have had a blizzard and ice storms in the state. Yes my friend has her skelenton out year round. Who said it's just for Halloween. Well welcome Spring I missed you!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tutorial: Making a mold for polymer clay

~Start with molding material for use with polymer clay (you can also actually use polymer clay as the molding material)

~Find an item that will make an easy impression in the molding material.

~Flatten molding material center your item to be duplicated over the molding material.

~Press item to be duplicated into molding material, push in sides for full impression. (when using polymer clay as the molding material, brush a light dusting of baby powder on first to prevent the clay from sticking to the original:

~Slowly pull straight up to remove you original item.

~Bake your molding material according to the directions on the package. After baked, lightly dust mold with baby powder using a brush. Press polymer clay into prepared mold.

~Remove slowly and carefully the polymer clay from the mold.

~Trim off any extra clay using a cutting tool or razor.

~Push wire or jump ring into back prior to baking your reproduction. Bake according 2 directions.

~Your mold can be used over and over to recreate multiples of your original item.