Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tutorial: Making a mold for polymer clay

~Start with molding material for use with polymer clay (you can also actually use polymer clay as the molding material)

~Find an item that will make an easy impression in the molding material.

~Flatten molding material center your item to be duplicated over the molding material.

~Press item to be duplicated into molding material, push in sides for full impression. (when using polymer clay as the molding material, brush a light dusting of baby powder on first to prevent the clay from sticking to the original:

~Slowly pull straight up to remove you original item.

~Bake your molding material according to the directions on the package. After baked, lightly dust mold with baby powder using a brush. Press polymer clay into prepared mold.

~Remove slowly and carefully the polymer clay from the mold.

~Trim off any extra clay using a cutting tool or razor.

~Push wire or jump ring into back prior to baking your reproduction. Bake according 2 directions.

~Your mold can be used over and over to recreate multiples of your original item.


Hollyrocks said...

That's pretty awesome, thanks for sharing!

the Surly Girlie said...

So cool! Great job Claudia!!!

Heather Leigh said...

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo