Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Four more shows for sure this year

Claudia's Burning Ink has been accepted to Strange Folk in O'Fallon, IL and Plaza District Festival in Oklahoma City, OK and Indie Emporium in Tulsa, OK and The Girlie Show in Oklahoma City, OK. So at least four more chances to get a hold of some amazing handmade stuff this year!
Strange Folk will be the launch of my Market Totes, great for shopping, trips, sleep overs, and even Halloween trick or treat bags!
The Girlie Show will be the launch of my Messenger Bags!
Both the Market Totes and Messenger Bags are part of Claudia's Burning Ink's, The Green Line.
The Market Totes are totally reusable and sturdy. The Messenger bags will be made from reclaimed clothing!
I hope to see you at one or more of these fabulous shows.


Early Bird Special said...

Congratulations on all your acceptances! Can't wait to hear how everything goes for you. I will definitely be at The Girlie Show as a guest this year, since I couldn't apply as an artist. The baby won't even be 2 months old! :)

Hollyrocks said...

Good look with all your upcoming shows. I know you'll do great. Your work is A-maz-ing! ♥