Thursday, July 16, 2009

Claudia's Burning Ink has gone PLUSH

That's right you heard it Claudia's Burning Ink, "The Green Line" to be specific has went the way of the Plushie. I really took a long time to think of what I wanted to make in plushie form. Did I want to create, monsters, robots, rabbits, bears, well lets see what do I love to watch play and scatter about, SQUIRRELS!!!!! So with that in mind Chirp was well born. My first Chirp was born from a pink argyle sweater and some tshirt scraps.

He is for me and was my learning curve.

Today Chirp 2 was born, I guess you could call him Chirp 2.0 he is made from a sweat shirt and some tshirt and sweater scraps. Chirp 2.0 is well very unique. I'm quite sure that when Chirp 2.0 yells out his chirp he has a stutter. Also I'm quite sure he laughs a lot at basically anything, a leaf falling from a tree can send him into a laughing fit with tears and everything. And his laugh a loud repeated high pitch cackle of sorts, its quite funny.
Look for more Chirps to be born soon. I'm currently stocking up for Strange Folk Festival, but don't worry if you need a Chirp in your future you can just contact me and we can figure out a "due" date for your very own Chirp.


Hollyrocks said...

The chirps are precious! I have a thing for squirrels, so I might need to acquire a chirp of my own in the near future.

Alien Mind Girl said...

You are awesome.

Took me a bit to get around to it, but I have linked you.

Hyddyr said...

I need the little black chirp for my very own! These are adorable:) Paula