Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Effin' New Years Eve!

Well its time for another year to end. But no worries another one will be right there ready and waitinig. Waiting for you to make the most of it or totally fuck it up. Its up to you.

Although I'm staying home this evening, listening to NPR and watching the ball drop on the telly. I still will enjoy ringing in the new year.

2008 started off with such promise and a feeling of wonderment. It didn't end as great, but hey I made it thru.

So looking to the new year, what do I expect, hope and wish for. Health, wealth (or at least not poverty) and some happiness. Which all comes with a generous side of sickness, brokeness and sadness/madness.

But hey I'll take it.

Enjoy what you have. Make the most of your own talents. And have an effin' Happy New Years!!!


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