Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween sadness

Its Halloween and that makes me kind of sad. I'm over 1300 miles from my mom, the Queen of Halloween.
Its the day of the year I miss her the most. My mother has always loved Halloween. She has made nearly every costume I've ever worn. I remember in kindergarten her being in charge of the Haunted House at my school. Making all the scary things, and getting the older neighborhood kids to run around in the Haunted House chase all the little kids. My mom would do every ones make up. Its amazing what she could do even if we were poor back then, a little cheap makeup and some of my dad's old clothes and they were all killing dead zombies.
From my first Halloween trick or treating when she made me into a little red devil, to making me into one of the dead dancers from Michael Jackson's Thriller, to making me a white vinyl naughty nurse outfit, to us making together my Zena warrior Princess outfit, to my Ball Gown for my victorian costume, to countless outfits she made for my friends. My mom has always and will always be the Queen of Halloween to me.
And even though I can't be with her tonight, handing out the 500 bags of Kettle Korn her and my dad made, eating chili, sitting in the front yard, and talking with my parents friends. She's in my heart, and I know I am in hers. And someday we will live close enough to each other again to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year together again.

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